Join Captain Don Maille as he takes you on the chartered fishing adventure of a lifetime.

Captain Don of Peter’s Nets wants to show you the best that Louisiana inshore saltwater chartered fishing has to offer, whether you want to tangle with the mighty bull reds in the outside bays, to topwater speckled trout fishing in the spring/summertime. We also offer sight casting trips in the skinny water for redfish.  See the abundant wildlife you will encounter on your journey. Whether you're an avid angler or a very beginner, Peter's Nets can suit all your fishing needs. We use Sixgill Fishing Products Rod & Reels loaded with PowerPro 8/30 braided line. We also offer overnight lodging on-site at Dudenhefer Charters by request for a separate fee.  Book your full-service chartered fishing trip today!

Why Choose A Chartered Fishing Trip?

Fishing with a Professional Licensed Charter Captain is different from venturing out on your own. Most captains spend anywhere from 30 to 40 hours a week on the water fishing with clients or scouting for areas holding fish to bring clients to. This time that we spend on the water increases our odds of finding fish dramatically over fishermen that have limited time on the water. Professional captains are no different from any other professional. This is an occupation just like any other.

We put in a lot more than the 30 to 40 hours we spend out on the water, most of this other time is spent studying maps, tide tables, and weather reports. We also have preparation time getting the boat and the equipment ready for our clients to use. This extra work we put in sets us apart from the normal fisherman, it’s what makes us professionals. Fishing is never a guarantee, but fishing with a professional guide is the closest you will ever get to a guarantee in fishing. We may not limit out on every trip but we catch fish about 98% of the time, and limits of fish about 80% of the time. Our goal is for our clients to have a great chartered fishing trip with plenty of excitement and to make sure we do it all safely.

There simply is no better way to enjoy Louisiana's vast saltwater fishing opportunities than with a licensed, professional charter captain. South Louisiana's captains are the best in the world at creating an outdoor chartered fishing adventure that you will never forget. And nothing could be easier. Just show up, step in the boat, and leave the rest to Captain Don.

Chartered Fishing - Full Service Fishing Adventure

Book your chartered fishing trip today. Family friendly and guaranteed adventure.

Full Day Rates

Discount 15%

Military Active Duty/Reserve/Retired/Veteran
Law Enforcement
First Responder

1-2 Anglers 700.00
3 Anglers 800.00
4 Anglers 900.00
5+ Anglers Contact

For groups of 5 or more please contact Captain Don directly.